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Schedule for Week of 2/16-20, a Free Book, & IJM

This Week (2/16-20):

All class schedule things are posted below. If you have any questions, send me an email:, but check this out first . . .

FREE BOOKS !!!! read on . . .

For those you looking for something free (like I always am), here is a good resource.
Christian Audio offers a free download every month. You have to set up an account, but that is relatively easy and painless.

This month’s book is very interesting, it is on modern slavery—most of you will shrug this subject off, but there’s a side of me that would love to make this required if I could. The main subject of this book revolves around the ministry of
International Justice Mission (check it out). This issue is a very real problem that we Christ followers ought to be aware of, concerned about, and seeking to find way to do something where we can. Reading (listening to) this book would be a good start.

This video by Sara Groves was produced for
IJM is well worth your viewing:

Anyhow, there are many classic and news books available at the site. Take a look here: Christian Audio

And our schedule . . .

Dynamic Learning Experiences

Tu. (2/17) – Video Lecture: “7 Laws of the Teacher Video” #5; Lecture: The Theory & Practice of Inter-Active Learning—continued.
Th. (2/19) – Lecture: The Theory & Practice of Inter-Active Learning—continued; Assignment: CULTURE MAKING, Part 2b - Chapters 9-11.

The Church’s Ministry

M (2/16) – Lecture, Dr. Wilhite: “Acts 6:8-8:4 & 8:1-40.” (Take note: this a combination of two lectures). Facilitators with Dwight Peterson in Rm. 426
W (2/18) – Lecture, Dr. Wilhite: Acts 9:1-9:32.
F (2/20) – GROUPS – Select roles and start passage study; Assignment Due – Passage Background Paper.
Note: Facilitators and all “Advanced Church’s Min” people will meet with Dwight Peterson in the Keystone Room from 7:00-7:50 AM.

Online – Church’s Ministry

Individual Work – Read TOTAL CHURCH, Chapter 7; and Read the PP Lecture, “COMMUNITY – A Biblical Theology of Relationship.”
Forum Discussions – Contribute as assigned to the three discussion threads this week: Acts study, Lecture and Text, and Ministry Applications. The first contributions should be by Wednesday, and all follow-up forum posts are due by Saturday evening.
Personal Assessment – Do the Quiz, Post your Discussion Contribution file, and contribute to the Summary Wiki.

Biblical Foundations of Sports Ministry

W (2/18) – Report Due for: Chapters 8-10 of “Game Day for the Glory of God.”

3 John 8
Bill H.

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