Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Top Blogs - Jesus Creed

Today will be my last review of what I view as Second Tier blogs. Tomorrow I will summarize my two lists, and then from there feature some other blogs that are of interest, but I will not evaluate them like I have the Top and Second tier blogs I have featured.

I close with the blog by Professor and author, Dr. Scot McKnight: Jesus Creed. McKnight calls his blog a discussion of, “Jesus and Orthodox faith in the 21st Century.”

McKnight covers a variety of subjects. I generally find him interesting and informative. On occasion, he will publically work his way through various theologically oriented books, and I always enjoy his perspective and comments on his reading.

McKnight is a gifted theologian and is never shy about dealing with difficult issues—which, even if you disagree with his position, makes for interesting reading. For example, in the past he has written both favorably and critically about the Emergent Church movement. And most recently, in a defense of NT Wright, he took on what he calls the “NeoReformed” movement—that has created quite a stir in the blogosphere (you can find the articles and followed the links and responses to it here >>).

Well, here are my thoughts based on my subjective criteria . . .

Content – Theologically oriented, usually his own, but he often will tackle outside issues as well.

Informative – Yes!

Current – A new entry every day.

Interesting – Always! You may not agree with his perspective on some things, but he will get your attention.

– Yes, he covers a variety of theological subjects.

Relevant – Yes, he deals with biblically relevant topics, and he is never afraid to take on current issues.

Appeal – Generally so.

McKnight is someone you should read, and you can do so here>>

3 John 8
Bill H.

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