Monday, March 30, 2009

Crazy Love #1

Today I am starting a series I have had in mind for several weeks. I first thought of the idea while reading through Pastor (Cornerstone Church, Semi Valley, CA) Francis Chan’s book: Crazy Love. In this text, Chan is calling believers to do a serious inventory of their love for God and things He loves.

Essentially, Chan is reminding us of the great love God has for us and the necessity to reciprocate that love to Him. And it is also a warning, that the reciprocation must be total, not the lukewarm or half-baked variety that we believers are so prone to give. No! God demands a total love, or in Chan’s a “crazy” or “obsessive” like love. For, as Chan articulates, He is not a God who deserves the activities that we followers of Him so often do; that is, “serving leftovers to a holy God.”

For this series, I am going to borrow heavily from two lists in the chapters in Chan’s book. The first is in Chapter 4, “Profile of the Lukewarm,” where Chan outlines several identifiers of lukewarm love for God. And second list in Chapter 8 is in contrast to the lukewarm, “The Profile of the Obsessed.” In this list, Chan outlines a list of biblical obsessions the genuine and fully committed follower of God should have.

You can see more about the book at its accompanying website: You can read the first chapter, Stop Praying, here >>

But before I get into the lists, I think it would be good to hear Pastor Chan’s own explanation of how God broke him and began to lead him to living the ideas he writes about in his book.

3 John 8
Bill H.

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