Monday, March 23, 2009

Church's Min Report 4 (3/23)

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Thank You

Dr. Bill Higley


JMorton 1 Thessalonians 2 said...

Well mr awesome teacher
We spent the majority of the class hearing verbal progress reports from each group. BH pointed out word pictures in our passage so when we had time as a group we talked about them in more detail. After that we began the process of applicating our passage. We did no get very far due to time, but we got a nice start.

Cody F said...

Hey, Dr. Higley.
In our discussion today in James we went over how we can apply the lessons taught in the passage relate to us today. We talked about how the word pictures James uses would be very powerful and relevant to the people it was written to (i.e. a fire or ships rudder). We didn't get through all of our passage but we got some basic ideas that we will begin working through.

Josh Philippians said...

Hey Mr. Higley,
On Monday we spent the first forty minutes or so talking about our passage and listening to the other groups give a summary of what their passages were revealing to them. We summarized our passage with the help of our recorder by saying that the church should be unified through suffering and attempting to resemble a Christ-like attitude or character through suffering. We then spent the last fifteen minutes or so in a friendly debate... We were debating whether or not the main reason of the book of Philippians was written to address the issue of confronting the two women mentioned in Philippians 4:2 or not. We have still not come to a unified conclusion on the matter and are trying to study the passage in more depth to figure it out.