Saturday, May 09, 2009

Weekend Update . . .

FYI ….. (5/9)

Our BBC graduation was yesterday. For those who graduated it is indeed a very special day, a day of marked accomplishment, a day to celebrate the reward of four years (give or take a year or two depending on the degree and other factors) of diligent work.

So a well deserved “Congratulations” to each of you who made it!

Jonathan Dobson has posted a list of ideas anyone can do called Simplified Missional Living

Speaking of Missional, Resurgences is holding a Church Planting conference in Raleigh, NC in June. It looks like an outstanding opportunity to hear some of the leading thinkers and doers concerning the church in our day: Advance . I love their tagline: A Conference about the Power of God’s Gift to His People—The Church.

Checkout this ministry in Philadelphia; a church truly reaching and reclaiming the city, listen to the preaching, you’ll enjoy it: Epiphany Fellowship

From the Big Picture - Dorothy Sayers on the doctrine of Hell

Church researcher, Dr. Ed Stetzer has two very good posts on his blog about Multi-site Churches: 9-Marks and Multi-site Churches and this one with a video of him, My Thoughts on Multi-site Church

Pastor Ray Ortlund, Immanuel Church, Nashville, Tennessee, just does a great job with his blog. I couldn’t pick anyone over the other, so just read all his posts this week: Christ is deeper still. Where else will you see a Pastoral perspective on U2, Miss California, Baseball Cards, Peter Senges’ theories of Alignment, and an excellent discussion of the Holy Spirit Convicting versus Satan Accusing?

From Pastor Mark Batterson: “Are we trying to reach outsiders or coddle insiders? That is the $64,000 question”: Centripetal Force

Dan Phillips (Pyrotechnics) expresses some of the same concerns I have about Mark Driscoll, which doesn’t necessarily mean either of us is right, but concerned: Preaching: beware the "And you are...?" factor

Checkout Killing Cockroaches, a book on leadership by church strategist Tony Morgan

And finally, check these guys out: Tripp and Tyler. Here’s a sample of their work - it is them interviewing Church Growth expert/Pastor Graig Groeschel at a Catalyst Conference . . .

3 John 8
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