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Sticky Church Blog Tour

The Catalyst network is hosting a blog book tour for a new book out called "Sticky Church." SC is essentially a book about discipleship; emphasizing not only the need to reach people, but also the need to help them "stick" spiritually, and yes, physically, in the church. And the primary tool, and center of attention for the text, in helping them to stick, is small groups and intentional community building.

Below is the first stop on the blogosphere tour, it comes from Alan Danielson at AlanDanielson.TV. The key point that Danielson sees in the first chapter -- Sticky Church --is that it is really a book "about making disciples," because that is what the church is to be about. He states . . .

Sticky Church Blog Tour

Recently I was asked to be a part of the Blog Tour for Larry Osborne’s Sticky Church. Needless to say, I was really honored. A few days later I found out that I was being asked to kick off the tour by reviewing the first chapter. I was blown away. Then I got the book in the mail and read back cover right away. I was a little afraid of what I’d gotten myself into.

Why was I nervous? Larry uses the phrase “closing the back door of the church” a lot, and honestly I’m not a big fan of that phrase. To be fair, the reason for my dislike of the phrase is not a logical one but an emotional one. As a friend to many small group pastors and as a consultant, I’ve heard that phrase used (and abused) a lot. Some pastors treat small group ministries like the “brass ring” that’s going to fix all their church growth problems and keep people from leaving. Sadly, just as often as lack-of-group-connection, the cause for the open back door is a pastoral, organizational, leadership, or systematic problem. Many times church leaders turn a blind eye to these other problems and simply blame small groups for the open back door. So, because I’ve seen the “back door” phrase misused I was wondering what I might find when I opened Larry’s book.

Thankfully, I was relieved when I started reading! Sticky Church is not about maintaining attendance, it’s not about filling the auditorium, it’s not about finding a cure all for your church growth woes. Sticky Church is about making disciples.

In chapter one we are challenged to rethink the harvest. Often we think that a great harvest is when masses make a decision for Christ, but Osborne challenges that mindset. Farmers don’t celebrate and call it “harvest” when seeds sprout tiny green buds for the first time. It’s not “harvest” until the plants have grown to maturity and produce fruit. A Sticky Church is a true “harvest” Church that keeps the majority of their new converts by helping them grow to maturity. It’s time everyone, let’s get “Sticky!”

You can read the other stops/posts on the blog tour here, can pick up a copy of Sticky Church here. I will be posting the rest of the tour reviews (done by chapters) on this site over the next week or so.

3 John 8
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