Friday, August 21, 2009

Sticky Church Blog Tour

SMALL GROUPS.COM is sponsoring a blog tour for the book Sticky Church; unfortunately, the link for chapter three is dead, so we will move on to the chapter four tour stop . . .

In this chapter, Larry Osborne compares the sticky church growth strategy to that of the "Front-door" church.

"Ultimately, a church grows in one of two ways: It gets more people to come through the front door, or it stops losing people out the back door [sticky church]."

Larry goes on to explain that if you're only focusing on getting people in the front door (the number of people attending services) you'll be losing people out the back, your evangelism will be harder and less natural - he gives good, logical reasons for why/how this happens. He argues that a "sticky church" strategy tries to retain people, grow thru word-of-mouth, which he explains makes Follow-up and assimilation easier.

I'm not going to share his arguments here, but he explains things very simply. It's an easy read, yet he tackles very nuts-and-bolts topics in an effective way.

If you're at all involved in church leadership, you should buy this book. Go order it now, please, for the sake of those you lead.

Another good quote from this chapter: "Whatever you do to reach people you have to continue to do to keep them." - chew on THAT.


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