Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Teaching: A Biblical Imperative

One of the most treasured textbooks that I use in my courses is by Dr. Perry Downs, "Teaching for Spiritual Growth." It is an excellent introduction to educational ministries in the church that is thoroughly grounded in biblical theology, and appropriately informed by the social sciences and Downs' own life experience.

The following is a quote I have often used as a point of emphasis concerning the importance of local church educational ministry; specifically, teaching in the local church. Downs writes . . .

“Teaching is not an option in the church; rather, it is a biblical imperative to be obeyed. The form of the teaching may vary. Sundays Schools, for example, are not biblically mandated. They are a cultural form established in the last two centuries to fulfill the biblical mandate. How the church teaches is open to a variety of cultural expressions, but that the church teaches is nonnegotiable. The scriptures demand that the church educate its people for spiritual maturity” (p. 29).

Indeed, teaching is a primary ministry of the church, how it does this is only limited by a church's collective creativity. But that is does, that is an absolute.

3 John 8
Bill H.

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