Wednesday, October 14, 2009

John Wooden: The Greatest Coach Ever!

Today is John Wooden's birthday, he is 99. Wooden is undisputedly, the greatest coach - any sport, no discussion! - of all time. There are many reasons for that, but no doubt his deep Christian convictions and spiritual passion are all a part of his accomplishment as a person, and a Coach. He lived-out, as a basketball coach, what he believed. And his success on the court will never be matched.

Here is a taste of some of his life and coaching wisdom . . .

Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It's courage that counts.

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.

Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.

The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team.

The worst thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones.

There are many things that are essential to arriving at true peace of mind, and one of the most important is faith, which cannot be acquired without prayer.

Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character.

You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one.

You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.

A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

Be prepared and be honest.

Consider the rights of others before your own feelings, and the feelings of others before your own rights.

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.

Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.

I'd rather have a lot of talent and a little experience than a lot of experience and a little talent.

If you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything. I'm positive that a doer makes mistakes.

Wooden's Pyramid of Success is gold, a miniview od it is beow, you can see a full version of it here >>

3 John 8
Bill H.

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