Friday, October 09, 2009

More on Jennifer Knapp

I wanted to put this up yesterday with the link I posted below, so forgive me, but I believe Jennifer Knapp to be just about the best female contemporary Christian artist out there. Her folk rock style is fresh, always creative, and always full of depth and fun. Unfortunately, she has been off the music scene for a long time. Her last album and tour was in 2002.

Some reviews of her work:

“The Los Angeles Times called Jennifer Knapp "a rising star"; People Magazine described her as "an uncommonly literate songwriter"; and Billboard proclaimed, "Knapp proves herself to be the cream that rises to the top." Her impressive critical praise only hints at her musical gifts, but grasping the true Jennifer Knapp experience is realized only by the empowering touch of her voice.”

Alas! In doing some internet surfing the other day, I came across a letter she posted on her web page last month, and the article “Jennifer Knapp Returns” that I linked yesterday from Christianity Today, announcing that she is back to work performing and producing music.

You can read her letter on her webpage. Even better, on that Myspace page you can listen to two of her latest releases, they are classic Jennifer Knapp. I hope it goes well for her, a new generation needs to learn who is she is.

Here is a look at her live (around 2000?):

3 John 8
Bill H.

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