Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Update

There are always so many things I would like to post but don't have the time or room, so I have decided to return to the Saturday "Weekend Update." These are simply a compilation of things that catch my interest from other bloggers. In some I give explanation, and others need none.

[NOTE TO BBC STUDENTS: Therefore, to keep things neater, I will also roll the weekly "Class Schedule" post into this format .... if you scroll down you will see the schedule for this week.]

Here goes . . .

Christian Audio’s free download for this month is: Just Courage, by International Justice Mission founder, Gary Haugen. It has helped me get through a couple of long runs, so it must be good.

3rd John 8 friend, Dr. Bob Kellemen’s new book, Sacred Friendships (Coauthored with Susan Ellis) was the featured book of the week on the Discerning Readers Blog – DR is one the most read Evangelical blogs of the blogosphere. Congratulations Bob and Susan! You can read the DR review Sacred Friendships here >>

There is a very interesting series of articles on Christian schools and legalism at the Sharper Image blog. The author, Pastor Mike Durning (Mt. Pleasant Bible Church, Goodells, MI), builds the thesis of his articles on the three false—Pharisaical— assumptions explained below (I might add, there are probably more than a few colleges that fall into this Prodigal Son “big brother trap” as well—I know one well). Pastor Durning writes . . .

In the first article, I admitted there are many fine Christian schools which do not operate in a legalistic fashion. But I believe that the majority of Christian schools operate with three fallacious legalistic premises prominent in their thinking.

1. Man-made rules that prevent violations of God’s rules have inherent spiritual value (Part 1).
2. Rules promote godliness, in that behavior change leads to heart change (Part 2).
3. Enforcement
of righteousness is valid and valuable as a first step to sanctification (Part 3).

Al Mohler, Erik Raymond and Kevin DeYoung (among others) respond to a USA Today editorial critiquing Florida quarterback Tim Tebow for believing Jesus is the only way to God.

I think American Christendom is on the verge of Christian Conference fatigue? Jon Acuff has nailed it again in this hilarious post comparing Christians Conferences to our High School Prom experiences—way too much truth: Conference , AKA the Christian Prom. Remix.

Columbus Day was this past week and if gives us a good opportunity to dispense with a popular myth. Thomas Woods has a nice overview about the myth here.

A really good concise series by Pastor Eric Raymond on his blog, Irish Calvinist called: How to Live a Miserable Life. He identifies and explains these ten things:

1. Try to Repay Jesus for the Cross
2. Neglect the Bible
3. Neglect Prayer
4. Be Selfish
5. Go to a church that does not preach expositionally
6. Resist Biblical Correction
7. Neglect Service in the body of Christ
8. Neglect Evangelism
9. Deny the Sovereignty of God
10. Think that every Christian must look and act like you

Read the entire series here:

How to live a miserable Christian life (part i)
How to live a miserable Christian life (part iii)
How to live a miserable Christian life (part ii)
How to live a miserable Christian life (conclusion)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

BBC students, below is our class schedule for this week. If you have any questions, drop me an email. Otherwise, I'll see you in class!

This week’s schedule:

The Church's Ministry:

M (10/19) – Lecture: Glorifying
W (10/21) – Lecture: Glorifying; Total Church - Ch. 9-11 Due
F (10/23) - Group Passage Work

Educational Ministries of the Church:

M (10/19) – Lecture: Biblical Foundations & Model
W (10/21) – Lecture: Conclusion to BF & M; Anthony Quiz 14-15

Foundations of Ministry Leadership

T (10/20) – Nehemiah 6 & 7; Blackaby 7
Th (10/22) - Nehemiah Conclusions; Blackaby 10 (Bl. 9 is pushed back to next week)

Effective Bible Teaching

T (10/20) – Lesson Development; Richards & Bredfelt Step 3 Due
Th (10/22) - Lesson Development; Journal Entry # 8

3 John 8
Bill H.

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