Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weekend Update . . .

A Christian Perspective on Work, from Carl Henry at The Big Picture blog.

Ed Stetzer writes: “The Barna Group has released a new study that explores the how different generations of American adults view and use the Bible. And guess what - it turns out perspectives are different!” Read the entire article on Ed’s blog: Generational Perspective on Scripture

Coming soon to a card shop near you, yes folks, Christian Trading cards. While at first I have to admit a snicker, it actually could be a very good Church history learning tool. “I’ll trade you a mint condition Calvin for Melanchthon, Augustine, and a Joan of Ark.” Deal?

Kevin DeYoung is posting a 5-part series on how to reach the next generation of non-believers for Christ. Part 1 is called "Grab them with Passion", part 2 is "Win them with Love", and part 3 is called "Hold them with Holiness". All of them have been very informative.

A great resourse: I am Second

A good question about social justice, from Vitamin Z.

Finally, some voices of discernment—this has been my personal pet-peeve with the GC community:

I think we’re in danger of making “gospel-centrality” an idol.

We’ve replaced “gospel” with a very distinct understanding of theology, essentially drawing a circle around a small part of the body of Christ, and then we throw verbal stones at those who are outside of the circle. We’ve created a sub-culture of language and jargon that makes us unique, and if people describe things in a differen vernacular we hold them in suspicion.

By the way, most of these are coming from a new, and so far, diverse and interesting blog: Evangel
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BBC students, below is our class schedule for this week. If you have any questions, drop me an email. Otherwise, I'll see you in class!

This week’s schedule:

The Church's Ministry:

M (10/26) – Lecture: Glorifying, continued
W (10/28) – Group Work - Romans Passage
F (10/30) - Group Presentations

Educational Ministries of the Church:

M (10/26) – The Educational Cycle
W (10/28) – The Educational Cycle; Anthony Quiz 16-17-19

Foundations of Ministry Leadership

T (10/27) – NO CLASSES: Day of Prayer
Th (10/29) - Nehemiah Conclusions; Blackaby 9 and Part 2 of Philosophy Paper

Effective Bible Teaching

T (10/27) – NO CLASSES: Day of Prayer
Th (10/29) - Lesson Development Continued; Downs Part 3 Study Guide (Chapters 10, 13. 14, & 15)

3 John 8
Bill H.

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