Saturday, February 06, 2010

Heaven: "A Moment on Earth"?

In my Biblical Foundations of Sports Ministry class this past Thursday, the lecture and topic for the day was about how seeing a great work of art, experiencing moments of pure joy, observing excellence, etc., gives us a little peek, a small taste, of heaven and the blessings of eternity.

It was a fun class.

We, of course, tied it to our enjoyment and love of sports, and talked about those exceptional moments and experiences in our own lives where maybe, just maybe, we have been given a little peek into the bliss of eternity, through sports.

And, being a die hard Buffalo Bills fan, there is nothing closer to heaven than the day the Bills came back from 32 points down in the 2nd half of a playoff game to defeat the Houston Oilers (I showed the highlight video in class - the best 10 minutes of the class all semester).

Anyhow, it's getting near that time of year when many special lifelong memories will be made for players, and fans alike, in end-of the-season high school basketball playoff games.

Well, here is one of the most inspirational ever! Indeed, it may be a glimpse, a little taste, of the pure joy, the excellencies, and the beauty, of heaven.

Moreover, it also serves as a vivid reminder of just how valuable every life is - because every life/person is made in the Image of God.

If you love sports, and love special people, get a tissue. . . .

3 John 8
Bill H.


Kate said...

Verses 20-23 talk about observing and keeping the teachings of parents. It says that those teachings "will guide you". I am thankful for wise, godly parents who are constantly teaching and these verses remind me of that.

Michael said...

WOW!!! Hooray for upstate/western NY and Greece Athens! Thanks for the JMAC story. Also goes a long way as encouragement for those who aren't the "stars or starters": be ready for you don't know when it will be your turn.
And, as for our Bills, just gave a quick devotional last week at church with a few '2 word' statements, and I still will not use "wide right" (LOL)! Born and raised Niagara Falls, NY; as for you - why the Bills, Bill?

Bill H said...

It's a birthright Michael -- no one chooses to be one, born and raised just south of Olean, NY -- in PA, but less than 2 hours from Buffalo.

Michael said...

Most rewarding sports moment?! Even though I've played, coached, umpired, refereed, taught, and trainined others in a variety of sports, my MRSM came in Little League baseball, age 12. Vividly remembering my Dad being at one specific game and getting his nod of approval with each passing inning. Accomplished many other sports "achievements", but it was something special about Dad being there and acknowledging the efforts - kinda' like God's approval when He knows we are giving Him our all. How about you - Most rewarding sports moment - Got one?