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Posted by Jud Wilhite:

Reading Augustine’s fifth century classic “City of God” just exaggerates how shallow my faith can be. In the first part of the book he describes Christians being killed, tortured and raped during the fall of Rome and addresses non-Christians who argued that this proves the Christian God is powerless.

Augustine systematically shows the foolishness of the argument, and as he does so he speaks of a Christian who does not “grieve if deprived in life of those possessions which he would soon have to leave behind at his death.”

Many were tortured to determine where they might have hid their gold or silver, but faithful Christians did not hope in money. They rejoiced in God even in their horrible situation.

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3 John 8
Bill H.


mike foster said...

thanks for the love :) peace...mike.

Bill H said...

You're welcome Mike, love your site, and "thank you" for your good work for all of us.

Sarah said...
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Kate said...

Proverbs 2:1-5 all describe what the son must do in order to "discern the fear of the LORD" and "discover the knowledge of God". To summarize the son must heed instruction and seek with all his heart wisdom in order to obtain it. This is a tangible passage to me because I do desire wisdom.

Dickson City said...

Today I went to a court hearing for the sentencing of a man that tortured and raped a little five year old girl I have come to know and love. It took me back to the day it happened and as the mother stood before the judge stating her words tears began to pour because sometimes you wonder if your faith is deep enough for an unthinkable tragedy. Sometimes you don't have the answers and your speechless when you would do anything for words of comfort but knowing God and learning his knowledge and discernment can often carry you and guide you through difficult things such as this.