Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wisdom Project 2/13

Proverbs 13 - NIV
Proverbs 13 - ESV

Proverbs 13:12; 19 . . .
Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul,


When once a good is discovered, want of it felt, strong desire for the possession excited, and the promise of attainment made on grounds unsuspected, so that the reality of the thing and the certainty of the promise are manifest, hope posts forward to realize the blessing. Delay in the gratification pains the mind; the increase of the delay prostrates and sickens the heart; and if delay sickens the heart, ultimate disappointment kills it. But when the thing desired, hoped for, and expected comes, it is a tree of life, ets chaiyim, "the tree of lives;" it comforts and invigorates both body and soul. To the tree of lives, in the midst of the gardens of paradise, how frequent are the allusions in the writings of Solomon, and in other parts of the Holy Scriptures! What deep, and perhaps yet unknown, mysteries were in this tree!

The Adam Clark Commentary - on Precept at

3 John 8
Bill H.

WISDOM PROJECT: For this month, I will supply links to both the NIV and ESV versions of the chapter each day (Feb. 1 = Proverbs 1, etc.) in the post—both of which contain the audio.

And in the month of February a unique feature for the WP will be Commentaries on selected passages/verses from within the chapter for the day. And for the most part, these comments will be from links in the Online Bible Study Resources feature here on the 3 John 8 blog (scroll down in the column to the right to find the links).

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Carrie L. said...

"The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied".

This verses reminds me of what we have been reading in our lectures this week. The sluggard craves and desires for things(not neccessarily bad things) just like the diligent desire for something. THe sluggard wants it but is not willing to work for it and then expects it to come about. The diligent(ones who manage their time wisely)after working hard receive the desires of their heart.

I need to remember that after setting goals for myself and talhing about things I want to do, I need to get up and do it.... to be like the diligent whose desires are fully satisfied.

Michael said...

Today we encounter a variety of wealth in the pursuit of wisdom. Verses 10 and 20 reminded me of the importance of the teacher-student and/or mentor-counselee relationships. There are tangible benefits both to teaching someone, and to learning from someone. Many times the learning takes place in either position for both participants. Never stop learning.
However I also find interesting verse 4a in both the NIV and ESV. The NIV’s “The sluggard craves and gets nothing” initially challenged me with “The sluggard craves nothing, and the sluggard gets nothing.” This was an acknowledgement of ‘you get what you ask for’. This was a decent enough morsel from which to call it a day and to move on.
However, when I read and heard the ESV’s “The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing”, I returned here and parked. In the flesh it would be satisfying enough to stick with the interpretation of the NIV, and co-apply 2Thess 3:10b’s “if anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.” This seems to hang around the physical application. However, as the ‘soul’ is presented in the ESV, this took on quite the spiritual application.
Using the same principle as with the NIV verse, the ESV clearly states “The soul of the sluggard craves nothing, and the soul of the sluggard gets nothing.” This is quite the presentation of the results of choosing the wrong path: the spiritual desire is lacking - if not missing altogether; and the harvest is equally as empty. As a Christ-follower this ought not to be; what a pathetic portrait of one who claims Christ, standing before the Father at the appointed time.
A CHOICE IS REQUIRED, AND ACTION MUST FOLLOW! “…to serve the LORD, choose this day who you will serve… I will serve the LORD (Joshua 24:15, paraphrase mine).” What about you?
Mike T.

Kate said...

Verse 3, "The one who guards his mouth preserves his life; The one who opens wide his lips comes to ruin." I far too often find myself thinking, "Why did I even open my mouth?!" This teaches us to be careful of what we say because words hold much power.

Shawna said...

3 He who guards his lips guards his life,but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.
As a counseling major the ablilty to know what to say and when to say it is very important, but this verse is not only about timing but also about what we are saying. If we guard our lips we are taking he time to think about what needs to said, but if we speak instantly what we are thinking we will find ourselves in trouble very quickly. Tact is probably one of the most important lesson that we learn in life, but we also need the dissernment for God to know what to say when.

Rachel said...

"He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm."
I was reminded again of how important it is to keep good company, to ensure that those who influence my life are the sort of people that will encourage me in Christ and strengthen me toward a life of holiness and wise conduct. It is nearly impossible to surround oneself by foolish people and not suffer the consequences of such relationships.

Anonymous said...

Proverbs 13:12; 19 . . .
Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.
... A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul,
It is always a difficult thing when God delays or detours our plans in life. It is often because God has purposes that are beyond what we know or are aware of. But we can rest assure that all things work together for the good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose. The tree of life is Christ. The plan is his. When we are properly grounded in his plan he will bring sweetness (happiness) to our souls.

John Erbentraut

Jessica said...

Vs. 1 "A wise son heeds his father's instruction, but a mocker does not listen to rebuke." So many times I think I know what is best for my life yet so many times people such as my parents, family memebers, or other adults within my church give me advice and I listen but I'm not sure I really heed thier instruction like this verse is encouraging us to do.

Mandi said...

Verse 20 stuck out ot me in reading proverbs 13. Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.
I need to be surrending myself with wise people. My friendships need to be pushing others to be obtaining wisdom. If i am around people who do not make wise decisions it will harm me and i will become a fool so i need to be around wise people!

Josh said...

the whole "thinkin before ya speak" concept was a good hit for me in verse 3. Definitely something i need to put more so into practice

Lisa said...

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise,
but the companion of fools will suffer harm.
This is by far my favorite verse of the book so far. Very self explanatory and very very challenging.

Gabe Vanderstel said...

25. "The righteous man eats until he is satisfied, but the stomach of the wicked is empty"

The last verse of the chapter caught my attention. It reminds me that evil does not satisfy. The way of the righteous is the only way to be sustained and satisfied. Wickedness does not fulfill and will only lead to an empty destruction. Sin looks attractive and "sweet", but in the end sin is a snare which only does harm. It has no positive value

julee said...

"A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul, but fools detest turning from evil."--this is one verse, how does it go together? a fool doesn't want to turn from evil, even if it fulfills his real longing? how stupid can I be?

Melissa Jordan said...

The verse that stuck out to me is one that has already been mentioned. "The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied".
This is such a good reminder for me to take action, don't just talk about something but do it! It helps me in my endeavors to become more self-disciplined.

SarahK said...

Verse 24 "He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him"
This verse was often heard in my school, church, & home. It is so incredible to look back and see how true this is when looking at how everyone I grew up with turned out. And how directly a parents relationship with their children correlates with the amount of discipline invested.

Danyelle Steckiel said...

I really loved verse 3. It really makes me think because sometimes I talk way more than I listen and say things that I end up regretting later. We are warned to be careful what we say and to listen more than we speak all through out the Proverbs and this is just another reminder to be careful and wise.

Renee said...

The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.

Laziness gets you nowhere. Diligence and persistence often leads to accomplishments. I often struggle with this in my life. I want to get things done and done well but I put things off to the last minute. If I worked on things ahead of time, I wouldn't have problems with worrying if it will get accomplished.

Ashlie said...

Verse 3 really hit home. I have been learning a lot about watching what I say and making sure that it is something that should be said. Something that has been helpful to me is that understand that it is a heart problem and that is what needs to be fixed first. Which is true and I have noticed a little bit of change in my speech.

andrew.rust said...

Proverbs 13:1
"A wise son hears his father's instruction, but a scoffer does not listen to rebuke."
- There are too many times where I have not followed exactly my father's instructions and I end up getting myself into tricky situations when it all could have been prevented if I would have listened better and obeyed completely the wisdom that was being revealed to me from what he has already been through in life. This is on reason why my dad is my hero. As I grow older I have learned to value his advice and am doing better at taking it to heart.

Krista Harrison said...

Whoever guards his mouth preserves his life;
he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin.
4 The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing,
while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.
5 The righteous hates falsehood,
These are the verse that stuck with me the most today. I wasn't able to get to a computer until now but as I went through my day I thought about how valuable it is to keep silent. Another thing that I think of reading this is how much rest or sleep we think we may need. We may need rest and relaxation but we also need to be diligent in our academics, spiritual life and relationships. There are more important things in life than to always take care of your self.

Cody F said...

I thought verse 31 was very interesting. We need to be careful to help the poor, not put them down, cheat them, or mock them because its like we're taunting God. We need to be kind to them and show them God's love.

Danyelle Steckiel said...

vs 3 "commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plan will succeed" i love this verse because its such a good reminder that we need to commit to Him and that our plans will be His plans for our lives. He doesn't do what we want, we do what He wants us to do.