Monday, March 08, 2010

Christlike: Bill Hull

Bill Hull, Discipleship guru, has a new book out called: Christlike: The Pursuit of Uncomplicated Obedience.

You can read more about it on his website, but here is the beginning of a post he has there answering some questions about it:

1. How do you see churches approaching discipleship today?

The most common paradigm is to treat discipleship as of secondary importance, a needed activity that takes place somewhere in the bowels of the churches infrastructure. The reason for this is that discipleship is a needful process for new Christians, it can be accomplished through lay people. The leaders of congregations look for some good material or curriculum and in a few months, the work is done. A less common approach is to take it seriously and to extend the process into normal life, this is usually done in small groups and in some cases one on one appointments. It is better than nothing, but it fails to address the most important issues of the Christian experience. The least done but most effective approach is for the leadership to become disciples themselves, to be the embodiment of Christlikeness and to intentionally develop an apprenticeship system where they are schooling the next generation and even the generation after that. This will require a serious realignment of what the church believes to be important. It actually starts with how you define the gospel. Only when discipleship becomes a natural part of the gospel, will it takes its place at the center of all spiritual life.

2. If you could teach churches just one thing about discipleship that I have learned, what would it be?

It is more important to be a disciple than to have a plan to make disciples.

You can read the rest of the Q&A here >>>

Bill H.

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