Sunday, April 11, 2010

Christian Response to the Poor and Affluence

Cedarville University recently held an event on campus focusing on issues realted to poverty, and the role of the church, and governement, in responding to it. The event featured two of the leading Christian thinkers and writers in our country on these issues: Jim Wallis (Editor of Sojourner Magazine) and Marvin Olasky (Editor of World Magazine). The presentations are informative and engaging. If you care about such issues (and I submit: "you should!"), you can listen to the presentations at the links below:

A Critical Evaluation of Christian Responses to Poverty and Affluence

Links to the audio's of the forum:

Moderated Discussion between Marvin Olasky and Jim Wallis

A Conservative Approach (Marvin Olasky)

A Progressive Approach (Jim Wallis)

And this link will take you to several papers from Wallis, Orlaski, and Cedarville professors and students related to the subject: Resources >>

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