Friday, May 21, 2010

Preaching vs. Counseling

3 John 8 friend Bob Kellemen (@ Changing Lives With Changelss Truth) poses an intriguing question this morning. He writes . . .

Pastoral Ministry: Air Wars and Ground Wars

*Preaching and Counseling

*The Pulpit Ministry of the Word and the Personal Ministry of the Word

Each twin metaphor seeks to compare and contrast how pastors change lives with Christ’s changeless truth either through preaching or through counseling. Both should be ministries of the Word. That foundation should never change, although the method of communication/connecting should be quite different in preaching from personal counseling.

Here’s the question I’ve been asking myself.

Why do some Evangelical pastors who are committed to expository, exegetical preaching where they relate God’s truth to their people’s lives, “jump ship” and change their commitment when it comes to the personal ministry of the Word (counseling)?

In other words, when we’re in the pulpit, why do we trust the power of God’s Word to change lives, but when we’re in our offices with a struggling parishioner we seem to lose that trust, trusting instead in worldly wisdom?
Hmmm! Good question, I'm interested to see how people respond.

You can read the rest of the article and respond to the question
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