Saturday, July 03, 2010

Selling Christainity ???

This is from The Gospel Coalition blog site. Krattenmaker is a regular contributor to USA Today and other major publications. His theme is consistently something to do with what's wrong with Evangelical Christianity; and particularly, how it is perceived by the general pubic. He usually says things that irritate the Evangelical Christian (for example, he has been a consistent critic of Tim Tebo), but on many occasions, he says things that should cause us to think.

This is a "thinking" thing, read it and consider what he has to say. Does he have a point ? ? ?

"Selling" Christianity in the 21st Century
Mike Pohlman, The Gospel Coalition - July 1, 2010

USA Today opinion writer Tom Krattenmaker has an interesting article on evangelism in America. In “How to Sell Christianity? Ask an Atheist,” Krattenmaker profiles Seattle pastor Jim Henderson. Due to his conversations with atheists, Henderson is done with evangelistic formulas — especially the old “bait and switch” outreach programs. Instead, what he calls for is the radical notion of actually getting to know non-believers and letting one’s witness flow out of genuine relationships. Krattenmaker approves: “Henderson and his fellow travelers are right in urging would-be evangelists simply to get to know people, become their friends and let the spiritual chips fall where they may.” Call it the no formula, formula.

So, how does one sell Christianity? You don’t.

3 John 8
Bill H.

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