Monday, September 06, 2010

Sanctification - Part 14

To conclude, I return to where I started with this quote from Ryle (from his book, "Holiness"), he defines sanctification as:

. . . that inward spiritual work that the Lord Jesus Christ works in a man by the Holy Ghost, when He calls him to be a true believer. He not only washed him from his sins in His own blood, but He also separates him from his natural love of sin and the world, puts a new principle in his heart, and makes him practically godly in life. The instrument by which the Spirit effects this work is generally the Word of God. . . . The subject of this work of Christ by His Spirit is called in Scripture a “sanctified” man.

Thus, sanctification is the acts of being set apart for God to holiness.

It has positional (beginning), progressive (growing), and final (at glorification) elements to it. And the believer is to be actively engaged with the Spirit of God in the process, through the study of His Word, active involvement in His church, through personal spiritual disciplines, and through a lifestyle of engagement in the missio Dei. Many other things could be added, but these spiritual activities should form the heart of any discipleship program in the local church.

Over the next few days I will offer thoughts from other on sanctification, as well as links to several helpful Internet resources on the subject of sanctification.

3 John 8
Bill H.

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