Friday, March 06, 2009

Church's Min Report - 3/6

Church's Min. bloggers: Welcome back for round two!

I think everyone has an account set up now and is ready to go (if not, drop me an email and we'll figure it out). Today should be your third week of exposition. By now, hopefully your group is realizing just how much you don't know about your text.

As you report today, give me a sense of where the group is in its attitude towards their understanding the passage, like: "We've got this whipped!" "Are you kidding, we have no clue." Or, "We're three weeks in and we're still mining the depths of the first verse." Etc. Just tell me where you think you're at in your comprehension of the text.

And, of course, give the "Readers Digest" report of what you did in your group time today. Remember, we'll be sharing your post with the rest of the class on Monday ... :~)

Looking forward to reading your work. Hit the COMMENTS link below to post your report.

3 John 8
Bill H.


Jenn More said...

I Corinthians 12-14

So I'm going to have to say that i think our group would fall under the "We've got this whipped!" category. :)Everyone important in our group was present today (j/k Kris your important too!). Today we came up with a full outline to our text. As a group we discussed parallel passages such as Romans 12 and Ephesians 4. We also discussed how the three chapters relate to one another. We discussed how when using the gifts God gives you we should be edifying one another. Lastly we discussed how no single gift is better than another but that everyone should be working together in unity to edify the body of Christ.

Cody F said...

Hey Mr Higley, our group has James 2-4. We worked through the passage discussing what an outline of it was and what it talked about. In the first part of ch 2 it talks about how works define faith. We then when on to talk about the examples of Abraham and Rahab and how they showed their faith by what they did. We went on talking in ch 3 about the importance of what we say and how it impacts people and things around us, and how we need to be careful about what we say. Towards the end of the chapter we talked about the importance of godly wisdom and how it will determine what we say and do. We then talked through ch 4 and what impedes our wisdom and walk with God and we talked about how pride is a huge stumbling block and we need to submit to God and have that attitude with others.

Josh Philippians said...
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Josh Philippians said...
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Josh Philippians said...

Hey Dr. Higley,
This is Joshua Zerbini and our passage is Philippians.
Yesterday we planned the next eight weeks of group meetings and decided to break it down by using the first four weeks to delve into each chapter and pick out the various themes. We decided to use the last four weeks to get started with our project, whatever that they may be...I would say we are in the middle of the progress scale in the area of understanding our passage.

We again looked at the some the context of our passage to obtain a better understanding and then dove right into chapter one. We read the passage and then verse by verse began picking up the various themes Paul mentioned in his letter to the Philippian church. The themes we found were sincerity in faith,in relation to Acts 16, thankfulness(v.3), boldness(v.14), rejoicing through suffering(v.18), encouragement(v.20), and unity(v.27). We observed that the themes flow together and then some of them are discussed later on in the book, such as the idea of unity in chapter two, and joy in chapter four. We concluded our meeting by observing that we should begin to study Philippians with the idea of a church application instead of just a personal application.

Bill H said...

Thanks Jenn, Cody, and Josh. Good stuff. It appears all the groups are starting to get a handle (and plan) on the process.

Bill H

JMorton 1 Thessalonians 2 said...

To my favoritest teacher ever 0=)
So this past week our group started out reviewing where we were. We were having some problems seeing how our passage related to the rest of the book, so we took time to individually outline the passage. Then we collaborated together to come up with an outline for our chapter. We decided that the theme of the chapter is flashbacks. We were so disappointed when the class was because we were making such great progres. =)

Joshua Galations said...

Unfortunately I was not able to join my group on Friday for their very in depth discussion about Chapter 2 in the book of Galations. However, I was filled in by our very good recorder Ashlie Thompson (great job on the notes Ash!). On Friday my group read through Chapter 2 and came up with a summary of the chapter. They all agreed that the chapter summed up was about being justified by faith and not the law. We believe that if we, as believers, were justified by our works or the law then Christ would have died for nothing. They came up with a outline for the chapter which is as follows: v. 1-11 Paul goes to Jerusalem to exhort the church (v.1-2) and stands firm against the false teachings of the brethren. Paul then is accepted by the apostles (v.6-10). v.11-14 Paul rebukes Peter. v.15-21 Justified by faith. They ended class by assigning everyone to read over chapter 3 in Galations and come up with any questions we may have on the chapter for our next group time on Friday.