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25 stupid reasons for dissing dispensationalism

I came across this several weeks ago and have been wanting to feature and link it; so, just getting around to it.

The title tells it all. The author of this blog article is Dan Phillips. He, of course, has his own blog (called: Biblical Christianity) and is also one of the official contributors to the PyroManiacs blog team.

When I first read it, it reminded me of the famous line from a movie; "You had me at 'hello' " (what movie was it ???). Phillips writes: "It's just not "cool" to be dispensationalist, anymore." Well said, and at least in the academic circles I travel in, and in the blog world, I have sensed that perspective for awhile.
Well, I suggest you give it a read, he gives all of us much to chew on. Here are the first few paragraphs and the link to the rest of the article is below . . .

Twenty-five stupid reasons for dissing dispensationalism

It's just not "cool" to be dispensationalist, anymore. The system had particular prominence in the seventies and beyond, which excited a lot of envy and resentment among the non's ("Hey, what about us?"). So they produced a lot of sourpuss, wanna-be literature, trying to take back every area that dispensational writers had held.

They haven't fully succeeded. This really irritates them, because many of them still think that dispensationalists are unsophisticated knuckle-draggers at best, or heretics at worst. It's like listening to evolutionists talk about the Great Unwashed, who they see as too stupid to agree with them, still boneheadedly clinging to inane creationistic notions. They alternate between sniffing in disdain, and wondering why their outreaches fail to penetrate their foes' Stygian darkness.

But anti-dispies have succeeded with some folks, more (I think) through image than substance. They have convinced them that it isn't cool to be a dispensationalist.

3 John 8
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