Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How the Gospel Informs our Mission Beyond the Church

This is an excellent article (sort of) and talk from Pastor Mark Dever of Capitol Hill Baptist Church (Washington DC) and 9Marks ministry. Moreover, it is even better in the audio. I challenge you to read, and listen, and think; it is well worth your effort and time.

It comes by way of Between Two Worlds (posted 5/12/09)

Dever: "The Pastor and His Community: How the Gospel Informs Our Mission beyond the Church"

A talk from Mark Dever at the April 2009 Sovereign Grace Pastors Conference. Dever presented "35 somewhat overlapping statements as a pastor to pastors concerning the topic of the congregation’s responsibility for its wider community."You can listen to it online, download the MP3, and/or download the PDF.

3 John 8
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