Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Inner & Outer Leadership Qualities

Yesterday, through the blog of Mark Perman - What's Best Next - I introduced you to John Piper's article and definition of Spiritual Leadership, first published as: The Marks of a Spiritual Leader. Today I call your attention to the second aspect of his understanding of SL, that being: the character qualities of the SL. In his definition of SL, Piper offers a unique perspective in his discussion of "inner" and "outer" circle of SL character and qualifications.

According to Piper, of first priority are the inner circle characteristics a person must have in order to be a spiritual leader “who excels both in the quality of his direction and the numbers of people who follow him.” And he explains the need, differences, and necessity, of both layers of charcater qualities:

1) The inner circle of spiritual leadership is that sequence of events in the human soul that must happen if anyone is to get to first base in spiritual leadership. These are the absolute bare essentials. They are things that all Christians must attain in some degree, and when they are attained with high fervor and deep conviction they very often lead one into strong leadership. 2) In the outer circle are qualities that characterize both spiritual and non-spiritual leaders.

To learn what these inner and outer qualities are, read the entire article: go here >> to do so.

3 John 8
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