Thursday, October 01, 2009


The leader and APOLOGY: when should we and when not? These two lists of “apology” wisdom are from Pastor, blogger, and leadership guru, Perry Noble. You can read the lists with the full explanations by clicking on the title links.

Seven Things That Leaders Should Never Apologize For

#1 – Never Apologize For Dreaming Big!
#2 – Never Apologize For Your Passion!
#3 – Never Apologize For Wanting To Lead!
#4 – Never Apologize For Not Embracing Someone Else’s Agenda!
#5 – Never Apologize For Expecting The Best From Others!
#6 – Never Apologize For Wanting To Reach More People!
#7 – Never Apologize For Saying “No” To What You KNOW You Need To Say “No” to!

Six Things That Leaders Should ALWAYS Apologize For

#1 – Always Apologize When You Screw Up!
#2 – Always Apologize For Not Listening To Others!
#3 – Always Apologize For Listening To The Wrong People!
#4 – Always Apologize For Not Trusting Your Team!
#5 – Always Apologize For Laziness!
#6 – Always Apologize For Not Being Clear With Your Communication!

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