Saturday, January 02, 2010

Carson & Engage

Here are two more excellent online options for developing the discipline of a daily bible reading program.

The first is a just launched blog by The Gospel Coalition, called: For the Love of God. It is a digital daily devotional by D.A. Carson that works through the Bible following the M’Cheyne plan. So, for example, on January 1 you will read Genesis 1; Matthew 1; Ezra 1; Acts 1, and Carson offers commentary on Genesis 1, and will do so each day of the year.

The second option is from the The Journey Church in St. Louis, Missouri. I introduced you to this the other day, and as of January 1, they have launched their Engage Scripture site. Engage will walk your through the Bible over the next year, and a highlight of their site are the weekly video introductions and the PDF introductory summaries to each book of the Bible.

As I said before, the best plan is the one you use; so choose one and get after it!

3 John 8
Bill H.